What is Flipkart Plus and how to get benefited with Flipkart plus subscription?

Friends today I will tell you what is Flipkart plus subscription and why we use this subscription and how could you take benefit to shop online at a discounted price.

As you have already seen on the Flipkart website or application on various product pages that if you have points in your Flipkart Plus account then you could get a little discount on the selling price for an example if the selling price of any product which you are going to buy from Flipkart is rupees 900 then you may also see an offer of 870 plus 30 Flipkart plus points that means if you have coins in your Flipkart Plus account then you can use your 30 points to purchase this item and make the rest of the payment of rupees 870 from your bank account or card from any mode of payment available on Flipkart. Which means you have pay Rs. 30 less.

Flipkart Plus Membership details-

 In our daily day to day life we purchase lots of products online hence if we could save a little amount on every order for an example 3% of the total selling price then it will be a huge deal for us because at the end of the year if you count all the savings then it will  be a huge amount.

 That is why today we are going to let you know about Flipkart Plus membership and also we will guide you how you can avail maximum benefit from using Flipkart Plus membership.

What is Flipkart Plus membership?

Flipkart plus is a membership based subscription offered by the official Flipkart website. You can purchase this subscription for one year. and once you purchase the membership you will start receiving all the Flipkart plus benefits such as extra discounts on the selling price, early access during sale, discount voucher which you can purchase in the Flipkart plus section. Etc.

 You can purchase the Flipkart plus membership using the official Flipkart website or application and by login into your Flipkart account and after making the required payment to avail the Flipkart plus membership for next one year.

 Once you subscribe to Flipkart Plus you will become a kind of premium user of Flipkart. And you will start enjoying all the associated benefits of having a Flipkart Plus account which we have already told you in the above section.

How to subscribe to Flipkart Plus?

The process to subscribe to Flipkart Plus is very simple. Below we are going to guide you step by step by following which you can ensure that you will subscribe to the Flipkart Plus membership platform in just a few minutes from now.

Step by step guide to subscribe to Flipkart Plus-

  •  First of all visit the Flipkart website- Click Here
  •  Login or sign up to your Flipkart account
  • Go to the Flipkart Plus membership page
  • Click the subscribe button
  •  Make the required Payment using any mode of payment
  •  You will instantly get your account upgraded into a Flipkart Plus account just after making the payment.

Benefits of having Flipkart Plus membership

There are numerous benefits of having a Flipkart Plus membership, specially during the sale season like in the upcoming months there will be Flipkart big billion day as well as Flipkart Diwali sale etc. On the other hand Flipkart does organizes many monthly sales whole out the year.

To read about ways to save money while shopping online.

If you have Flipkart Plus membership then you can avail an early access of about 24 hours before the start of the sale. For example, if a sale is intended to start on the 24th of September then it will be open for Flipkart plus members 24 hours before the actual date, which means on the 23rd of September. 

Other than that there are many other benefits as well which you can read below-

  • Early sale access during sales
  • Extra discounts using Plus coins
  • Avail deals at Rs. 1 in the Flipkart Plus Rs. 1 store.
  • Free unlimited delivery on Flipkart assured items
  • Free renewal if you earn 300 coins in a year

Final Words- After reading all the benefits of having a Flipkart Plus membership I hope now you are able to decide whether you need to subscribe it or not. If you shop frequently from Flipkart then it is must have.

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